Welcome to PBsculptures.com, home to the sculpting portfolio of Peter Bignell. Peter lives and works on his farm inTasmania, Australia.

He started sculpting sandstone in about 1984, mainly using a lathe to turn sundials, balls and fountains. He has works in Sydney and Hobart Botanical Gardens and Government House Tasmania as well as numerous private gardens around Australia.

In 1993 he started entering sand sculpture competition with his wife and 3 children. They won quite a few titles over 6 years, until the children grew up and left home. He started serious sand sculpting again in 2006 doing displays and workshops at fairs and shows. Won a snow sculpture competition in Hobart 2007. Participated in Open Cup of Russia in Ice, Salekhard Russia, November 2007 and won the Mayors prize with Benjamin Gilbert.

He is currently restoring two old water driven flour mills. This involves precision sculpting of hundreds of wooden teeth for the gears. He finds sculpting keeps my mind and body active and allows him to travel and meet interesting people while building on his artistic skills.



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